Standard Level III A Bullet Proof Vest UHMWPE or Kevlar

Standard Level III A Bullet Proof Vest UHMWPE or Kevlar

Wolf Armor

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Product Description:

Product Name: Bullet Proof Vest (Kevlar or PE)

Protection Level: NIJ IIIA-9mm Luger-0101.04, IIIA.44-Magnum-0101.06, III, IV

Bulletproof Material: UHMWPE UD Sheet or Aramid(Kevlar)

Size Range: M, L, XL, XXL

Weight: 2 ~ 5 KG (As per different treat levels)

Packing: 10 PCS / Carton

Guarantee Period: 5-7 years warranty;

Use: Military, civilian and police, law enforcement personnel 

 Our “Wolf" brand PE bulletproof jacket is adopted with multiple layers of bulletproof UHMWPE UD sheet as the inner layers against the bullets in high velocity and can provide the complete ballistic protection for human body.

Its soft and long-chain structure in the UHMWPE fiber makes it possible for the impact energy of bullets to be rapidly scattered to larger areas, it could easily decentralize the bullet impact energy in a very short time.

 Product Feature:

  1. Light weight (Wearing comfort)
  2. Good impact resistance
  3. No ricochet that will not have caused the second injury
  4.  Easy-to-process and assembly
  5. Resistance to sea water, acid & alkali, moisture, heat, UV, aging and collisions etc.